The movie Meng Hualu with the combination of the couple Chen Xiao and Liu Yifei is booming, with huge views as soon as it airs. Especially the kiss scene with extremely good chemistry.

Chen Xiao

However, it seems that the character of Gu Qianfan played by Chen Xiao is really booming. But Chen Xiao in real life, is it possible to continue to maintain this fire after the movie ends? It can be said that it is really a bit difficult, for two reasons:
First, Chen Xiao is married
It’s really hard for a married man to be famous, unless fans don’t like good looks. If Chen Xiao is not married, maybe he can expand his acting career and even win the hearts of many female fans.
Chen Xiao’s reputation in historical films is very good. But in the modern drama genre, he doesn’t seem to stand out much.
Chen Xiao’s personality is also very difficult to approach. He’s been on many shows before, but he doesn’t seem to be good at words, and his smile shows shyness.

Chen Xiao
It is estimated that during the broadcast of Meng Hualu, Chen Xiao will be famous for a while, and some old fans will actively promote him, but it is unlikely that Chen Xiao can maintain it for a long time.
Second, no big couple fans
In the movie Meng Hualu, both Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao do not like being shipped by the couple fans.
During the broadcast of Meng Hualu, Liu Yifei also updated information on social networks, but there was no word related to Meng Hualu. Chen Xiao is also a model of a beloved husband in the entertainment industry.

Chen Xiao
Honestly, after so many years, it seems that Chen Xiao himself doesn’t care if he is famous or not. If he’s really professional, he won’t get married soon, and maybe he only thinks acting is just a job, to help support the family. He’s an actor, not a star!