Recently, netizens are interested in a photo, which is considered one of the rare photos of Liu Yifei’s biological father. It is known that at the age of 10, Liu Yifei’s parents broke up, she was brought to the US by her mother and changed to her mother’s last name.

Liu Yifei father

It is no secret that actor Liu Yifei’s biological father is actually a secret. Liu Yifei’s father, An Shaokang, is a medical family, outstanding literary talent, and has also published books. He used to be a professor of French at Wuhan University. He is currently the first foreign secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, France, and the director of the Confucius Institute in France. And Liu Yifei’s mother was also an excellent solo dancer, and both her father and mother had good looks.

Of course, Liu Yifei’s appearance has inherited the advantages of her parents, and she has become more and more beautiful. Liu Yifei’s mother’s name is Liu Xiaoli. For a long time, the beauty of Liu Yifei’s biological mother was praised by many people, when the pictures of her and her mother together were widely shared. It is known that Liu Yifei’s mother used to be a dancer and taught dance at the Wuhan Academy of Drama. She has elegant beauty with large eyes and straight nose. Even in some pictures of Liu Yifei and her mother taking pictures together, her mother beauty is even more overwhelming than Liu Yifeil beauty.

Liu Yifei mother

When Liu Yifei was a child, under the influence of her mother, she went to dance at a very young age. When she was in the second grade of elementary school, her parents also encouraged her to participate in the children’s clothing model competition. In the end, Liu Yifei also defeated tens of thousands of contestants and won the championship. In order to celebrate, Liu Yifei’s father took Liu Yifei to the photo studio to take pictures. This photo was placed in the window as a beautiful photo by the owner of the studio.

Liu Yifei

This is Liu Yifei’s childhood memories of her father and family life. It can be seen that she misses the happy times of her childhood very much, those days when her parents accompanied her and encouraged her together. But life is always full of changes. Although the relationship between the parents is very good, there are dark waves under the calm. Her mother Liu Xiaoli and Liu Yifei’s grandmother do not get along well, and quarrels often break out. This quarrel affects the relationship between the husband and wife.

Liu Yifei and mother

One day when she was 10 years old, mother told her that her father to go on a business trip, but her father never came back to the house since that day. In the heart of the father, although he was thinking about his daughter, he did not dare to come back. Occasionally, when he called home and heard Liu Yifei ‘s voice, he just kept silent on the other end. At the end of 1997, his father An Shaokang was sent to the United States for work reasons, and he may stay in the post for a long time. He is afraid that it will be difficult for him to meet his daughter again. An Shaokang finally made up his mind to meet Liu Yifei and divorced with Liu Yifei’s mother.

Liu Yifei and her father