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Chen Xiao
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The movie Meng Hualu with the combination of the couple Chen Xiao and Liu Yifei is booming, with huge views as soon as it airs. Especially the kiss scene with extremely good chemistry. However, it seems that the character of Gu Qianfan played by Chen Xiao is really booming. But Chen Xiao in real life,

Liu Yifei
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Liu Yifei is known as one of the best actresses in ancient costumes. How many actors want to cooperate with her have no chance, and “Meng Hualu” is Liu Yifei’s first TV series broadcast as an adult, one of her roles in the movie. Her smile amazes everyone, even wearing a ragged burlap bag is

Liu Yifei mother
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Recently, netizens are interested in a photo, which is considered one of the rare photos of Liu Yifei’s biological father. It is known that at the age of 10, Liu Yifei’s parents broke up, she was brought to the US by her mother and changed to her mother’s last name. It is no secret that


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