What is sustainable and ethical fashion?


Fashion includes some categories as clothing, shoes, bag, jewelry and other fashion accessories. They are produced and used in the sustainable way. It means that production processes from design, raw material, operation, transport and storage don’t affect badly to our living environment. These stages are always improved continuously to minimize environment impacts as saving water, saving energy, reduce pollution etc. In addition, people work to make the products should be treated ethically about the working time, working condition, payment. Their lives must be guaranteed..

Sustainable fashion

Why should people choose sustainable fashion to wear?

1. Reduce the consumption of natural resources

Renewable / Recyclable materials have proven to be a much more sustainable option. The current fashion industry is using the big quantity of non-renewable resources (petroleum, coal, natural gas). After using, they become waste and be thrown away to garbage collection area, then lost to landfill or incineration.

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