1. Whirlpool turbine

Whirlpool turbine can provide sustainable energy 24 hours a day. It can be installed in almost any river and canals to provide cheap sustainable energy. It converts energy from water into electricity, help to save our planet by providing clean, sustainable electricity. It’s safe for fishes to pass through

sustainable energy

2. Smartflower

The Smartflower has a tracking system which uses to track the sun like a real sun flower. The solar panel petals unfold automatically and toward the sun at 90 degree angle. And then the system starts to generate sustainable energy immediately. It produces clean, sustainable energy for your home, car, or business.

sustainable energy

3. The Saphonian

The Saphonian is a zero-brade wind turbine. It’s capable of capturing twice as much wind energy as traditional bladed wind turbine for the same area. With design of curved shape, the Saphonian can also swallow a great part of blowing wind to convert to sustainable energy.

sustainable energy

4. Pavegen

Pavegen Systems is a technology company that has developed paving slabs (sidewalk tiles) to convert energy from people’s footsteps into small amounts of electrical power. Sidewalk tiles convert pedestrians energy into electrical power when they are walking on

This is sustainable energy in the future. Realizing the limitation of wind or solar to work in dense cities, Laurence Kemball-Cook CEO of Pavegen company tried to carry out this system.

sustainable energy

5. Kite turbines

Kite turbines provide a low-cost renewable energy that can be deployed in all countries in the world, increasing by 20-30% compared to traditional wind turbines. It uses 90% less materials than traditional wind turbines. Kite turbines take off like drones using four propellers.

sustainable energy



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