Special beer made from recycled toilet waste in in Singapore. New beer in Singapore called NEWBrew is paying attention to how this beer is made.

The special beer, called NEWBrew, uses recycled toilet waste water to make and was first sold in stores in Singapore in April. The idea for a NEWater beverage, made from wastewater, was launched. special treatment, first introduced in 2003.

Special beer made from recycled toilet waste in in Singapore

The island nation lacks natural water resources and is therefore mainly dependent on rainfall. Any prolonged drought puts Singapore at risk of severe water shortages. Accordingly, Singapore has had to rely on desalination plants to turn seawater into drinkable water, by removing salts and minerals through a process of reverse osmosis. Singapore also uses this process to make NEWater drinks, in which wastewater is passed through a microfilter to remove bacteria and microscopic particles. The treated water is put into reverse osmosis stage, and disinfected by ultraviolet light to kill residual bacteria, and viruses, to ensure purity.

Countries and cities such as Israel, Los Angeles and London that lack fresh water resources, and are affected by water shortage, have already adopted this technology or are considering using it. PUB, the government agency responsible for managing Singapore’s water supply, has partnered with Brewerkz, a handmade beer producer, to create NEWBrew. As a result, they produced a beer that tasted just like regular beer. Mitch Gribov, Brewerkz’s leading beer producer, said: “NEWater is exactly like regular beer because it has a neutral taste. The mineral composition of water plays an important role in the chemical during brewing “.

Some locals have tasted NEWBrew and said, they wouldn’t have known it was made from recycled wastewater without being informed. Grace Chen, 52, said: “If you don’t tell people it’s made of waste water, they probably won’t realize it. However, many people said they still prefer to drink ordinary beers. Low Yu Chen, 22, said: “There are a lot of beers around. If I want to drink beer, I’ll choose something made with normal water”. In general, we need a little time to accept this Special beer made from recycled toilet waste