Plastic Material Alternative Foam / Agar Plasticity is an ongoing material research project, in which we are exploring the potential usefulness of agar as one of alternatives to synthetic plastics. This project was submited to Lexus Design Award 2016 under the theme ‘ANTICIPATION’ and won the Grand Prix.

Goods are usually shipped wrapped in plastic materials. Once unwrapped, they soon become waste or are collected to be recycled. Considering the raw materials and energy for processing, this situation is undesirable.

Anticipating effective and sustainable urilisation of natural resources has become more and more indispensable. To challenge this seemingly ignored problem, AMAM began this project.

Agar is traditionally consumed as food in Japan, which is often used for making sweets. It is, also, used in scientific and medical fields worldwide.

When disposing of these (Plastic Material Alternative Foam / Agar Plasticity ), all of them can be utilised as a material improving waterretention of soil or as fertiliser with well water-retention, because agar absorbs and holds water very well, or should they end up in the ocean or landfill, they would not be harmful to the environment, to other lives. The agar simply biodegrades.

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Plastic Material Alternative Foam Packaging Made Of Agar

Plastic Material Alternative Foam Packaging Made Of Agar