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PET Plastic Recycling By Breakthrough Enzyme Technology

Plastic recycling, especially PET plastic, is a complex issue that needs to be solved to protect the environment, as well as combat climate change. Among the technologies currently under development, the French start-up Carbios, after more than 10 years of research and experimentation, has become one of the leading “plastic-eating” mutant enzymes to recycle PET

decompose Styrofoam

Polystyrene foam, commonly known as Styrofoam, is a commonly used plastic in packaging and insulation industry. However, recycling is extremely difficult, and most places do not accept collection for recycling. Many countries around the world and some states in the US have enacted a total or partial ban on polystyrene foam. However, it is still

climate change

Blood snow is an abnormal signal of climate change In the period of climate change, some areas will appear “blood snow”. These are red dots made up of tiny algae that grow on snowy mountains. This algae is initially green, but when exposed to sunlight, it turns red, creating a scary scene. Researchers at the

recycle cotton

Scientists at Lund University in Sweden, have developed a method to recycle cotton into sugar, which can be turned into valuable products including: spandex, nylon and ethanol. It is estimated that around 25 million tons of cotton are discarded around the world each year. In Sweden, most of the material is fed directly to the

Climate Change

John Doerr, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capitalists, is donating $1.1 billion to Stanford University to create a climate change and sustainability school. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Mr. Doerr’s contribution, which he is making with his wife Ann, is the greatest ever to a university for the foundation of a

plastic-eating enzyme

The invention of a “plastic-eating enzyme” by University of Texas researchers is described in the peer-reviewed journal Nature on April 27. They mutated the natural enzyme PETase into one that could swiftly break down plastics derived from the polymer polyethylene terephthalate, generally known as PET, using machine learning technology. Researchers noted in a university press

Single-use Plastic

Single-use plastic carryout bags will be forbidden in New Jersey beginning May 4, 2022, for grocery shops, food service establishments, and other retail outlets. Additionally, supermarket businesses with a floor space of more than 2,500 square feet will only be permitted to supply or sell reusable carryout bags rather than single-use paper carryout bags. (for

solar farm

Amazon announced Wednesday that it will develop a solar farm in Huntington County as part of its mission to power its global operations entirely with renewable energy. The corporation intends to meet its renewable energy goals by 2025, five years ahead of the initial 2030 deadline. The actual site of the solar farm was not

Electric Vehicles

The recent increase in gas costs may not have driven buyers away from gas and diesel cars, but it has shifted attitudes toward electric vehicles. Despite their desire to create more automobiles, they are unable to do so because to supply chain interruptions caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a

single use plastics

New Jersey’s latest plastic laws take effect on May 4th, 2022, and continue the state’s attempts to eliminate single use plastics and other ecologically hazardous items. All establishments in New Jersey will be prohibited from selling or distributing single use plastic carryout bags to consumers, and will instead be allowed to give or sell only

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