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Ban on single-use plastics from 2021

Ban on single-use plastics from 2021 If you don’t want to land your business in the soup, you best stop serving food and drinks from single-use plastics containers before 3 July 2021. On that date, the EU ban on disposable plastics comes into effect. You will have to use straws, cups, cutlery, and plates that

Sustainable Fabric From Sour Milk

Sustainable Fabric From Sour Milk It was just another regular morning. Antonella Bellina woke up, made herself some breakfast and decided she wanted milk in her coffee. But, when she took the first sip, a foul taste took over her mouth: the milk was way past expiration date. What could have been just a ruined

styrofoam recycling

Polystyrene foam or Styrofoam is one of the most popular plastic due to its low cost, moldable quality, lightweight. But people are increasingly recognizing the negative effects of this material on the environment and human health. And we are demanding a more sustainable alternative material. As a result, many countries are starting to ban Styrofoam in food containers: Maine State,

Hemp Plastic Alternative Material Solutions For a Greener Planet

Hemp Plastic Alternative Material is the way of the future—become part of the solution by supporting a newer, greener plastic resin supply alternative. In 2017, over 300 million tons of plastic was produced by manufacturers worldwide. There is no doubt this is having a serious impact on the health of our planet and changes need

Plastic Material Alternative Foam Packaging Made Of Agar

Plastic Material Alternative Foam / Agar Plasticity is an ongoing material research project, in which we are exploring the potential usefulness of agar as one of alternatives to synthetic plastics. This project was submited to Lexus Design Award 2016 under the theme ‘ANTICIPATION’ and won the Grand Prix. Goods are usually shipped wrapped in plastic

Styrofoam packaging alternative made of straw

The styrofoam packaging alternative made of straw The Landbox, made of pure cleaned straw is the first ecological alternative to polystyrene in the packaging sector.  It has the same performance data but is disposable in organic waste steams or the garden and requires only 2% of the primary energy requirement for production. Landpack makes this

Wildflower meadows on the road for biodiversity great project

Native wildflower meadows on the road will line the verges of all new large-scale road projects under an initiative by Highways England, the Guardian can reveal. Nodding blue harebells, clusters of yellow kidney vetch and flashes of bird’s-foot-trefoil could soon become the norm on stretches of the road network in England with the infrastructure provider

UK Bans Sale of Petrol and Diesel Cars After 2030

The UK government has announced the ban of new petrol and diesel cars from sale after 2030. The ban had initially been planned for 2040 but has been brought forward under Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan to tackle climate change. The 10 points in UK’s green plan are: Offshore wind: Harnessing enough offshore wind


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