While filming the kiss scene in “Start-Up”, Nam Joo Hyuk asked Suzy what she ate before. The actor’s actions were criticized by the public as impolite.
On June 30, Wikitree reported that after being accused of school violence, Nam Joo Hyuk continued to be rudely criticized for his behavior with Suzy during the filming of the movie “Start-Up”. The video recording the process of performing the kiss scene of Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk was posted by tvN in December 2020. Now, this scene is once again attracting attention and causing controversy.

In the video, the two actors just performed a kiss scene on the rooftop of a building. Nam Joo Hyuk asked Suzy, “What did you eat for lunch?”. After a moment of silence, Nam Joo Hyuk continued to ask, “Does it smell like Samhap?”. To a colleague’s question, Suzy replied, “Have you eaten Samhap?”. Nam Joo Hyuk laughed and said, “No. I don’t eat that.” Suzy patted Nam Joo Hyuk’s hand and said, “Why are you asking me what I ate right after a kiss scene?”

Nam Joo Hyuk was criticized by the public as impolite with Suzy

According to Wikitree, Samhap is a fermented fish dish, often served with Kimchi and pork. It is a specialty of Jeolla Province, Korea and has a rather strong smell. Many netizens criticized Nam Joo Hyuk for being impolite when asking Suzy if she eats Samhap. According to the audience, Nam Jo Hyuk’s question implied that Suzy’s breath smelled.
In addition, a channel specializing in celebrity news, Sojang pointed out that Nam Joo Hyuk is joking about Suzy’s hometown (Jeolla Province) by saying she smells like Samhap.
The public thinks that Nam Jo Hyuk’s joke with Suzy has crossed the line. Many netizens commented that the actor was graceless and rude, making Suzy embarrassed in front of the staffs.


Wikitree quoted netizens’ comments: “If he just asked her what she ate, people might grudgingly say that he asked for politeness. But he also said it smelled like Samhap. Basically he he dug his own grave”, “He said it as if he were joking, but it was very rude and cross the line”, “Nam Joo Hyuk doesn’t know how to behave, I’ve never seen someone like that”, “Is it right for him to ask Suzy such a question?”, “Why did he suddenly mention Samhap”…
Recently, Nam Joo Hyuk was accused of school violence by at least 2 people. These people claim that they were bullied by the actor when they were in school. Nam Joo Hyuk’s management company then denied the allegations and announced a lawsuit against those who posted false information.

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Nam Joo Hyuk was born in 1994, started his career as a model. He succeeded when he switched to acting. The actor has participated in many movies such as Who Are You: School 2015, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Bride of the Water God, The Light in Your Eyes, The School Nurse Files, twenty five twenty one

Nam Joo Hyuk was criticized by the public as impolite with Suzy