On the afternoon of June 26, Jang Nara wedding was officially held at an outdoor location in Seoul. According to Nate, the wedding was held privately with the attendance of family and close friends. The wedding was hosted by the bride’s close friend Park Kyung Rim, and singer Lee Soo Young sang the congratulatory song. The wedding party had the presence of a number of stars such as: Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Cheong Ah, Shin Jae Ha, Jung Tae Woo and Park In Hwan, all colleagues who had acted with Jang Nara.

Jang Nara wedding

The guests also did not take close-up photos of Jang Nara’s husband’s face to avoid affecting the privacy between the couple

Through the revealed images, it can be seen that Jang Nara wears a simple and classic wedding dress. Actor Lee Cheong Ah posted a photo of Jang Nara on Instagram and wrote, “I love you, my angelic sister.”

During the wedding, two special guests are requested to stand up by the MC of the ceremony

First, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa was asked to stand. In 2021, Yonghwa starred in the KBS2 drama ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ with Jang Nara.

The MC asked Yonghwa to tell Jang Nara goodbye with a loud voice. Yonghwa shouted loudly, “Noona, goodbye!”, and the audience laughed and applauded at the comical scene.

Second, actor Lee Sang Yoon was asked to stand up. The MC asked Lee Sang Yoon to also tell Jang Nara goodbye. Lee Sang Yoon shouted to Jang Nara from his heart, “Goodbye! Be happy! Have a good life!”. Lee Sang Yoon starred in the SBS drama ‘VIP’ with Jang Nara in 2019.

Jang Nara wedding

Another video shared on Instagram shows Jang Nara holding a wedding bouquet and dancing, her face filled with happiness.


Not long ago, Jang Nara announced the wedding with her boyfriend, working outside the entertainment industry, after 2 years of dating. Her boyfriend Jang Nara is 6 years younger than her, working in the field of video editing.

Jang Nara was born in 1981, has been worked in showbiz since 2001 and is known for her timeless beauty. She participated in many movies such as Housewife Detective, Oh My Baby, VIP, You Are My Destiny, The Last Empress, Sell Your Haunted House