On June 26, Jang Nara’s wedding was officially held in Seoul, South Korea. Because the groom is not a celebrity, the party was held privately and only with the presence of relatives and friends. Jang Nara also always tries to hide the identity of her husband, and at the same time asks the media, and guests to attend the wedding not to reveal the face of the groom. Photos and videos showing the groom’s face must be blurred or removed

Jang nara husband

Previously, the actress revealed to fans about her husband’s work, 6 years younger than her, that he works in the field of video production. Many sources said that, Jang Nara’s husband is a director of photography, and the two met while collaborating on the movie VIP. ‘I was attracted by his warm smile, honest heart, kindness and devotion,’ Jang Nara rarely shared about her husband. Jang Nara’s father said on YTN Star about his son-in-law: “He has a nice personality, and treats his parents well. His parents are also very nice. Their family background is normal, but they are all kind and wonderful.”

However, recently, Page 163 of China has satisfied fans, when publicizing the appearance of a guy surnamed Jung, who has “stolen the heart” of Jang Nara. This page also revealed that Jang Nara’s husband’s height is 1.8 met, and handsome appearance like actor Park Bo Gum. The picture was taken during the script reading of the drama VIP, and is right behind Jang Nara. He has hair and looks quite similar to Jang Nara’s “mysterious husband”. In addition, a wedding guest also revealed that the groom has the surname Jung, and this information completely matches the nameplate in front of the guy, in the blue shirt.

Jang Nara husband

Jang Nara husband

Currently, this image is going viral on social media. Many netizens have left compliments for the handsome appearance of Jang Nara husband. Jang Nara’s side has remained silent and has not made an official statement.