BLACKPINK is a girl band that has a great influence not only in K-pop but also internationally. Therefore, every their move, such as the clothes they wear, the restaurant they eat, the type of water that the 4 members like to drink are all cared for and welcomed. Many times, BLACKPINK has changed the lives of others thanks to their habits and passion.


On a return to Thailand, Lisa went to eat at a meatball restaurant. Immediately after, her fans continuously come here to enjoy the taste of their favorite idol. Since then, the restaurant’s business has grown, even expanding to 50 branches across Thailand and starting to franchise
Sharing on the Woody Show, the restaurant owner thanked Lisa for changing her life and her family. Besides, this place also regularly offers discounts for BLACKPINK fans to eat. Lisa simply wanted to show off her favorite food to her fans, but accidentally changed the restaurant owner’s life.

lisa blackpink

Like Lisa, Rosé also contributed to changing a Vietnamese restaurant in Korea. When Rosé came to eat, this place was just a popular trolley. However, it has now become a grand restaurant, attracting many diners who like Vietnamese food.

rose blackpink

Also because of food preferences, Jisoo contributes to the brand of YG Entertainment’s canteen. Accordingly, everything come from the story that Jisoo joined YG because of delicious food, even ignoring the invitation of SM Entertainment.

jisoo blackpink