Harnaaz Sandhu of India has won Miss Universe 2021 after 21 years of attempting. The 21-year-winning old’s answer to a question about climate change may have contributed to her winning.

With the question ” Many people think climate change is a hoax. What would you do to convince them otherwise?” . She answers “My heart breaks to see how nature is going through innumerable problems, and it is all due to our irresponsible behaviour. I feel that this is the time to take action and talk less because every action of ours can either kill or save nature. Prevent and protect is better than repent and repair, and this is what I would like to convince you today,”

Climate Change

Celebrities from around the world speaking out on important issues like climate change might motivate young people to work toward a healthier future and a greener earth. Miss Universe and other beauty pageants evaluate participants depending on how they present themselves. Harnaaz became the first Indian woman to win the title in 21 years, following Lara Dutta’s victory in 2000. Sandhu’s final speech at the pageant focused on the pressures that young people experience in today’s society. She said: “The biggest pressure the youth of today is facing is to believe in themselves, to know that you are unique, and that’s what makes you beautiful. Stop comparing yourselves with others, and let’s talk about more important things that are happening worldwide. This is what you need to understand. Come out, speak for yourselves because you are the leader of your life; you are the voice of your own. I believed in myself, and that’s why I am standing here today.”

climate change