The group BTS announced a temporary suspension of group activities after 9 years of debut.

On the night of June14th, BTS said this in the video of the ‘Steamed Bulletproof Party’ released on the BTS YouTube channel

This video was shot with the concept of BTS sharing a drink with the members and sharing their deepest stories. The members shared various kinds of alcohol and food together,  talking about the past 9 years.


BTS announced that they would focus on their individual activities. Leader RM said, “I heard a lot from my friends as: why they are releasing an anthology album on their 9th anniversary.

RM said, “It felt like our team was on my hand until ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’, I didn’t know what kind of team we were. It’s important and it means living, but that kind of thing is gone.”

The reason for the temporary suspension of group activities was that ‘individual growth’ was difficult.


RM said, “The K-pop idol system itself does not allow people to mature. I don’t have time to grow because I have to shoot and do something constantly.” “I don’t know what our team was from when. “I didn’t know where my team and I were going to go.”

He continued, “I became a rap translation machine, and if I worked hard in English, my role was over.” “Our team lost direction, and after thinking about it, I want to come back, but it seemed rude to talk about it. “The fans raised us, but it seemed like we didn’t repay them.”

Suga also said, “I couldn’t come up with lyrics or words. I really have nothing to say right now. I don’t know what to say,” he complained

Jimin said, “It seems that we are having a difficult time right now because we only know what kind of singer we want to remain with our fans” he said.

Jungkook said, “Personally, I have a lot of good times and amassed various experiences, and there will be a day when I grow up and come back to you.

After drawing a line that BTS is not disbanding, they announced that they would officially pursue solo music activities. In the meantime, BTS has mainly been active in groups. From now on, it was announced that each would release an official album. It seems that the first runner will be J-Hope.

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J-Hope said, “I think we should talk about the change in BTS’s keynote with regard to individual albums.”

BTS said that the title song ‘Old to Come’ contains the words they want to say in <Proof>. RM said, “If I say I want to take a break, I’m afraid everyone will hate me… ” he cried.

RM said, “I want to do BTS for a long time. To make it last, I have to remain as me.” He emphasized, “Even if we can’t dance as cool as in the old days, I want to remain as BTS and as RM.”

The temporary suspension of BTS group activities seems to have taken into account enlistment of the members.