Bill Gates says only innovation can help solve the climate crisis
He said that getting people to stop eating meat or want a nice house would fundamentally change people’s desires, which would be too difficult. He told Bloomberg Zero that it is “unrealistic” to expect people to completely change the way they live their lives. It practically does not play a central role in combating climate crisis
The world’s fifth-richest person also said in the interview that he played a key role in the Inflation Reduction Act, which has allocated nearly $370 billion to help cut America’s carbon emissions by 40% over the next eight years. He is calling on governments to get involved and this latest bill.

bill gates climate crisis
Bill Gates is an advocate for climate change innovation. He invests a lot in companies that have technology projects make a significant change to the environment. In 2015, he founded TerraPower, the company that designed nuclear reactors and launched Breakthrough Energy. He also funds a number of startups including Turntide, which creates energy-efficient electric motors, and numerous clean energy companies.

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