circular economy

Circular Economy Business Model

Circular economy meaning The circular economy is a framework for designing and managing economies that are continually balanced and regenerated rather than constantly depleting and

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Sustainability In Business

1. Sustainability in business Businesses today face a number of challenges, including the need to remain competitive and to adapt to changing consumer behavior. One

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plastic waste


Plastic waste is becoming the biggest concern globally. More than 99 percent of plastic is made from chemicals derived from fossil fuels, and the two

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solar energy system

Solar Energy

Solar energy definition Solar energy is one of essential sources of renewable energy that comes from the sun, in the form of heat and light.

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What is Styrofoam? Styrofoam is a trademarked brand covers a range of extruded polystyrene foam, commonly called “Blue Board”, manufactured as foam continuous building insulation board used in walls, roofs,

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greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gases

What are greenhouse gases? Many chemical compounds in the atmosphere act as greenhouse gases. These gases allow sunlight (shortwave radiation) to freely pass through the

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Why sustainable living is important

How to live sustainable lifestyle

Why sustainable lifestyle is important? Our planet is facing various environmental problems such as exhausted resources, floods, droughts, water and air pollution. And these issues

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natural fashion

Why Sustainable fashion Is Good

What is sustainable fashion and ethical fashion? Sustainable fashion includes some categories as clothing, shoes, bag, jewelry and other fashion accessories. They are produced and

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